The Definitive Guide: LinkedIn Profile Makeover (Updated 2020)

As marketers, people are trained to invest a lot of their time and resources to build their brands and take their current reputation to the next level.

Many know how to apply their marketing skills to gain success in their brands, but some don’t know how to build their profile and validate their business success. One of the effective ways of investing time productively and constructively is to develop your inspirational profile on LinkedIn.

After doing so, you can sit back to watch its long-lasting impacts on your business.

Like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many other applications, LinkedIn is a social network for many people to find and engage with their employees and employers.

Unlike conventional social networks, this digital platform allows you to develop a professional account to encourage business connections, share different experiences, revising the resumes, and finding adequate jobs that go suitably with your talents and skills.

No one can deny the significance of personal branding as everyone these days is aware that employees who have an attention-catching profile on LinkedIn tend to significantly impact their employers as the content is verified and appreciated. 

The LinkedIn profile page is not only a platform for your building, but it also increases your skills and the talent of presenting them toward the employer.

To find and search for jobs, people prefer LinkedIn as it is a convenient and powerful choice for them to get their profile noticed and respectably showcase their talents.

Offering the users a full-featured career board welcomes people from all educational backgrounds to find the place that suits their needs and apply afterward.

While some people enjoy spending time on LinkedIn to observe people’s enhanced professional accounts, others look forward to taking advantage of this opportunity by socializing and building their reputation.

This way, they can enjoy several features of commenting on successful people’s posts, taking online professional development classes, texting anyone instantly there, and getting notified about people who visit their profile each day.

This, and getting linked with anyone around the world even if they are not in their network.

LinkedIn connection

Although LinkedIn is famous worldwide for making a constructive bridge between the dedicated investors, entrepreneurs, and employees, it also helps many people choose their potential hires and sincere business partners.

By making everything visible and crystal clear to the users, it manages to earn their trust. It helps them engage themselves in a productive solution rather than gaining connections slowly like other local applications.

Typically people consider it a challenge to cater to lots of people online and deal with their inquiries calmly.

However, the deed has become relatively easy as you can now grow your network conveniently on LinkedIn without contacting everyone separately and specifically.

The users can personalize their connection requests while scrolling through their suggestions list to keep in touch with active users to help them engage in healthy business attempts.

By allowing relevant and exciting posts to notify them, they can customize your preferences with the type of content they are interested in. 

They can follow the posts, accounts, and individuals they look up to and are an inspiration. Moreover, it also helps them overlook connections that they meet every day to hire, deal, or sign an agreement.

It is recommended to LinkedIn users to set monthly growth goals by jotting every important point down. This way, they will be able to maintain a proper LinkedIn behavior and will be able to spend their quality time productively without busying themselves in futile efforts. 

To gain attention from an enthusiastic audience, employers, entrepreneurs, and investors, one needs to post exciting material much often to achieve authenticity and creativity in their feed.

This will increase their engagement with their audience as well as open various other bounteous opportunities for them to take advantage of successfully. 

By uploading attractive and catchy images with their original posts, one can increase their views, following, and potential sales. Through this initiative, there will be more chances of you getting to meet your sponsors and contractors as the exposure and visibility that they’ll gain is irrefutable.

To take your visibility and reputation to the next level, you will have to continuously engage with the already existing successful business parts to expand your reach as well as improve your marketing skills strategically through the increased exposure. 

Promoting your LinkedIn account via several resources will help people reach you and connect to you.

This will help not only increase your connection but also in valuing your presence through different social media networks.

Even though LinkedIn provides better and meaningful insights into the business pattern and its strategies, it is still constructive to present your skills and ideas on more channels to bring your LinkedIn account in the spotlight.

Many readers have reached their trustable business partner from LinkedIn through the engaging articles they posted online to increase their exposure, uphold a respectable reputation in the community, meet dedicated employers, and get their desired results effortlessly.

By ensuring that you keep these strategic tips in mind while building up your reputation in this favorable digital platform, you can reach your goal quite feasibly. This path will be more fun, realistic, and productive to gain learning and knowledge.

Title and Tagline (Headline)

Mentioning your headline appropriately and strategically enough that it fulfills the purpose of getting the critical attention of the audience is what your LinkedIn headline should be like.

Since it is a unique opportunity to attract random visitors, it is recommended to choose it wisely to describe your profile, business, and idea vividly.

This way, you will be able to attract the attention of invisible crows as they will be intrigued by your account through the interesting title and headline that you posted on your profile.

Every user on LinkedIn must post a noticeable title of their profile as it will determine the number of visits you get by numerous investors and business partners around the world.

Here’s why you need to post a noticeably interesting tagline on your profile on LinkedIn:

All of your jobs, skills, and talents will be highlighted in that title, which is why it needs to be impactful enough to get the audience’s gripping attention.

It helps people find good enough reasons to contact you and connect with you for business purposes.

It helps you get a reputation of a respectable and trustable member of your industry.
Instead of depending on others and what they perceive of you, you can take control of your hands and make people understand what you want them to grasp.

Hence, it is a niche marketing estate that will help you brand yourself constructively.

The attractive, creative, and intriguing title of your profile will convince people to visit your profile and feed to explore more exciting ideas.

It just takes about 5-10 seconds to either impact people enough to engage them through your tagline or shoo them away through your uninteresting title posted on your profile. It is you who decides to take those seconds and invest them more productively by engaging the audience through the best headline that you can come up with.

Since the titles and taglines of LinkedIn are available on Google search results; therefore, people will know you more clearly through the short descriptions that Google catches and displays to the audience.

Professionals who do not have ample time to go through the whole profile are more likely to select you as their business partner if your tagline is interesting enough to intrigue them about you, your content, and skills.

It is beneficial for everyone to use a professional headline on LinkedIn to get visible among your community.

The hacks to make your profile stand apart from other uninteresting profiles is to write the title correctly. Here’s how you can think of better and more productive ways of writing the headline of your account:

Keeping the title on your profile decent and straightforward is what everyone should follow. As it does not only help the visitors get the reality unveiled but also to find someone they can relate to.

You write what you do suitably enough to turn these opportunities in sales and financial benefits. Your primary focus should be to communicate directly with your visitors without any complicated and complex sentences to engage with them without any barriers.

One should be compelling enough to be specific to the visitors while enjoying this liberty of explaining their services through widely used taglines.

Although you’ll have 120 characters to explain yourself clearly, you will have to be concise enough to convince the audience in their little attention span of your commendable services.

Offering unique value is what convinces people to go through your profile. It’s quite apparent that people would want to get themselves connected to someone who can bring healthy and creative initiatives to their company, business, or brand. Therefore, it is suggested to everyone to use a substantiated title while showing off talents and skills to attract more visitors.

While posting your headline, one can be a little boastful, as it will only positively impact their reputation. What would be an adequate method of attracting numerous visitors to your profile if not by showing off your awards, right?

As long as the LinkedIn headline holds the audience’s attention and entices them to your profile, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Making the title more current and updated should be the priority of everyone creating an account on LinkedIn. Your recent achievements and updated information will provide your profile more value as you will be upholding your reputation as an ambitious individual moving ahead in their career.

Here’s the step-to-step guide to update your LinkedIn title adequately:

  1. After logging into your registered LinkedIn account, you will straight land on the homepage from where you will be able to familiarize yourself with the feed of people you are following. 
  2. On the top left of the screen, you’ll notice your profile picture. Tap on it to view your profile and discover further options to explore your profile more openly. 
  3. Noticing the choice to edit your LinkedIn tagline, you will have to tap on it and create your preferred title that suits your needs. You can either clear the previously used title or make edits to it to modify it.
  4. After making the necessary edits, you can take the cursor to the bottom right to tap on the “save” button to set this title as your final one. This way, your new LinkedIn title will be ready to be noticed and gazed by your visitors’ attentive eyes.

For starters and beginners, you do not have to think of the headline instantly, as it might not look best upon your profile if not done correctly. You can process the ideas in your mind overnight to think of the best headline to pen down on your profile beautifully the next day.

The flexible environment of LinkedIn encourages ideas, creativity, and aesthetics, which is why you can make changes to your title anytime you want without having to worry about anything trivial.

Profile Summary

To update your profile for 2020 to attain an increasing number of following and connections, you need to take your current profile and personal brand to the next level by making little efforts to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Following are the steps that you need to follow to ensure that your profile is updated appropriately for the technologically evolved and advanced year, 2020:

Choose a good profile picture to display on your profile. Since humans are visuals beings; therefore, it will govern their impressions from the very beginning. To ensure that it looks recent and professional, do not upload your long-distance shots, wear what you like to put on, and curve your lips in a decent smile and welcoming eyes.

Adding the background photo must never be ignored as it is the second visual element in your profile. Since it’s at the top of the screen, therefore, you should apply an updated and recent picture that assists your page stand out and engage enough visitors through its intriguing aspects.

To set the context right, and describe your optimistic personality in a better way, add a suitable background picture.

The headline visible on the top of your profile must not be just your job title, but much more than that.

It would be best if you started it by mentioning your role in society, ambitions, and why people should consider going through your profile. For people who want to influence their visitors and gain their attention, have their titles quite interesting, creative, friendly, yet professional for inspiration.

When sharing the LinkedIn summary, the users can tell their own inspirational story to help other people understand their job experiences and bring you skills to life. Before updating your final summary, you need to invest some time, make a few drafts, and then get your final summary checked by someone you trust.

By spotlighting the services that you can offer to different business officials in the services section, you will be boosting your visibility and reaching other freelancers, consultants, and smaller businesses.

Growing your network on this digital platform should be the priority of every individual as it will unravel all the potential connections and increasing sales that you will come across while keeping your social network up to date and vibrant.

 By working on these crucial factors, you will be able to work through these ideas and strategies to make your progress towards a successful future. This way, you are more prone to flexing all the advantages through your LinkedIn profile effortlessly. 

Job Experience Section:

A very integral part of your job application would require you to list out all areas you have experience in. This means that this would be the one defining factor which will either make or break your impression.

Having identified the seriousness of it, let’s understand different ways through which you can make your job experience section look more professional and make you seem like an interesting personality. Following are the steps you can keep in mind while filling this section out:

  • The first and foremost step involves identifying the job or post that you aim to get. When you know what you are applying for, it is only then that you can elaborate more on fulfilling the required section. Make sure that you do not add all the details on the profile; instead, keep it precise to make sure you do not lose the target audience’s interest.
  • One better way to go about it would be to include fewer details and add more areas you have experience in. This ultimately means that it is essential to keep the section specific to just essential information and not add any unnecessary ones.  
  • On to the idea of which activities to include, keep the list of relevant experiences in mind and only add them. It also calls for a time limit from which they can be added. Typically, the limit of 10-15 years is considered for adding relevant experiences.

For instance, if the job requires a freelance worker, you might want to add all the different and most important tasks you’ve undertaken. This can vary according to the job demand, i.e., SEO article writing, or research papers depending on the niche.

Lastly, focus more on making the pronoun (such as I, we, our, she) more avoided and prefer the first-person pronoun.

There are a few ways in which you can add them in a better way given as under:

  • Find the company, date, title, and location of the job. You must have noticed recently that the menu section has another subsection introduced as “employment type,” which requires you to tell whether you will be working full time or not.
  • Notice that this subsection also allows you to add more details relevant to the task and the ones that show what your career goals are and how determined you are as a worker.
  • At the same time, please keep in mind that LinkedIn work profile has different requirements which don’t require it to be too detail-oriented.
  • When you start the experience, it should ideally begin with a summary that should be based on highlighting the different achievements you have had in each area. Then, it can be further made better by making it more presentable.
  • One can add bullet points or different indicators to make it more engaging and easy to read. This also allows you to add more information in a more systemic way and where it doesn’t require one to write blocks to words. Lastly, do keep in mind that you can also submit it in a paragraph form; any additional measures are just to make it look better.

Another way to go about it can be converting the format in which you are submitting it. Many people have their job experience saved in different resume documents.

However, it’s essential to convert it into acceptable form, i.e., work experience format on LinkedIn. You can follow three steps given as under to carry out this task:

  1. Start with copying the information as it is. Deductions or prioritizations can be made later; however, it’s essential to focus more on shifting that information beforehand. Then, one can always break it up by different categories, such as the position or company. (However, keep in mind that sending work experience that is a little too much particular to the position is not always a good idea as it might feel a bit restricted.)
  2. The next step is to reformat the whole information all over again. This task can be done by removing the bullet points that are previously part of that document. Ensure that you select and prioritize your major achievable based on how valuable they will be according to the requirement. It is important to know which content to keep and which content not to keep. Once you decide that, clear the area and put the information you get out of this process in the form of a summary in the first before lines.
  3. The last step of the process aims to make it more interactive, engaging, and conversational in nature. This is important because it also defines the impression that the employer gets. If it feels like your work experience is just on point, it is then that you’ll understand it was all worth it. (Not to mention the impact first-person pronouns can have in making it more engaging.)

The job experience section should not only complement your resume but also support the details you have provided there.

While it’s true that every achievement you make is essential for you, make sure that you prioritize it based on industry or target team of panelists who’ll be your audience. It indeed requires a little effort. However, if you can carry it out effectively, it is all worth the time and investment you have put in it.

LinkedIn Endorsements:

Your business gains validity with the number of people who have endorsed your business. This is particularly important because it allows you to expand your audience and connections even more.

The connections that you already have visited, go to their profile and by hitting the endorse people; add more legitimacy to the quality of services that aim to provide.

This is essentially important as it allows you to get more people coming to your accounts while also having trust in your services, something that will definitely help your business expand and increase the revenues or profits.

While it does sound like a great option, it also requires you to put in some effort to make it work out for you even better.

Following are the tips that one can follow to expand the circle of connections and people they know:

By contacting more and more businesses, your socializing skills as a whole improve over the period.

There are various ways through which one might work with a lot of people, i.e., during professional projects or other volunteer works.

If you endorse someone you even slightly know and have worked with, there is a great chance that they will come back for the same purpose and endorse you for it is something they know they unconditionally owe you.

There are a lot of times where we don’t feel like doing much in our free time. It can also be someone’s downtime that they are just trying to enjoy.

The best way to utilize this period would be to maximize the ways in which it can benefit your business. Whenever you are free next time, endorse others. You will notice that they will almost always come back and endorse you in return.

Having established that endorsements can help your account gain validity a lot, let’s discuss the method that works while endorsing someone on LinkedIn.

This is something that the experts have determined as well as they believe the best and fastest way of getting endorsements is to start giving them.

However, please do not misunderstand this case and go on some endorsement rampage. This is important to understand as a lot of time people you will endorsing might not even deserve it.

It essentially takes the value away from your endorsement towards them. The best way to go about it is to make sure that the endorsements are kept very honest.

When you endorse colleagues and your friends on LinkedIn, you directly have your reputation being impacted by it. The process of endorsing someone on the website manually is an easy one which involves following steps:

  1. Go to the endorsements section of your profile and go to the account you wish to endorse.
  2. There are different skills provided there and you can choose the skill for which you are making that endorsement.
  3. After going to that skill, click the sign + on the skill you are trying to endorse someone for.
  4. You will notice that a form will pop up which will ask you about different questions related to it. This looks like you explaining the experience level of those workers and asking some detailed questions about your opinion on their skill level.

LinkedIn Recommendation

Over the course of our work history, we interact with a lot of people who are either our colleagues or our bosses.

Some of them are our employees too and these are the people who we would want to recommend without even thinking because of the connection that we have formed with them.

If you find this relatable, there is a high chance that you want to give LinkedIn recommendations.

The problem, however, is very simple here as you are required to put in some extra effort to make it possible.

This is important because a lot of people shared their experiences which proved how it always takes more time that one thinks it will initially. Because the most important question in this regard is to ask yourself that what is it exactly that one can say about their contact that will help them stand out from the rest? This also happens to be the defining factor in this whole race.

Some follow up questions also look like this: Should one keep it short or sweet? Or should it be more detailed and professional? Following are the steps that can take you on a path to become the most effective recommendation provider:

  • Come up with a strong knockout line for the recommendation, and this is important because for you to write it well, you might want to grab the attention of your audience from the get-go. It is when they feel interested in the article and feels like they want to read more, it’s going to leave more impact.
  • The next step involves asking yourself what’s the best way of putting forward your relationship with that particular person. This can be put forward by showing how you know a person, on what project did you work together and the length of time for which you have known them.
  • Never forget that it is not just your relationship with them, but their expertness level in a particular skill set that is relevant. The fact that you’re recommending them to someone means that they are either more professionally expert, organized or talented.
  • Lastly, adding a touch of personality is something that will enable the employer to understand exactly what is it that they will find after your recommendation.

While filling out the jobs experience section, follow the guide above to excel at it.

Another great way of increasing your influence is making endorsements and getting your followers increased as a result. If you have decided to make recommendations on LinkedIn, make sure that you do so the right way.

To stay updated and aware of present opportunities for an individual to take benefit from, one should use LinkedIn for networking as it helps people build trust in each other to initiate the healthy financial initiatives with devoted and ambitious members of LinkedIn.

Hence, they can promote their brands while following the above-mentioned comprehensive tips to create great admirable content to their industry and encourage job searching and professional career development. 

Owais is CEO and contributor at 10linked. He knows linkedin inside out. Getting traction on linkedin without a real friend with a lot of experience can be a terrible idea. I am here to help you get some boost on linked.

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