LinkedIn endorsements disappeared? Here is what you need to do

Over the past years, the feature of endorsement on the social site linkedin has gained mass popularity. Endorsements have gone on to become one of the most widely used features of the whole social site LinkedIn. But ever since the people started to use the feature more heavily, they have noticed several issues attached to it.

Many account owners have noticed that their endorsements keep on disappearing after acquiring a healthy number of endorsements.

The disappearance of endorsements is not a rare event as the disappearance cases are increasing every passing day.

Account owners that are facing these issues should not worry, as luckily, there are solutions available to counter such situations. But before looking for a solution, below is a look into what LinkedIn endorsements truly are.

What are endorsements?

Skill endorsement is an innovative feature that was introduced by the social site LinkedIn a few years back.

This feature was introduced so that the social site users can get a swift and easy method through which they can give validation to their connections’ skills.

Through the skill endorsement feature, the account owners can visit their connections’ profiles and from there can go to the connections’ skills sections and choose to endorse whichever skill that looks worthy.

The platform makes the skill endorsement process easier and simpler by suggesting its users which skill to endorse for which account. The endorsement feature was made because of the lack of usage of recommendations feature.

The recommendations feature takes time and effort to reach completion, due to which most of the time, people hesitate to use it.

A big advantage that endorsements have over them is that reciprocal endorsements do not have a stigma attached to them. This is not the case with reciprocal recommendations, as people view them as ingenuine and unauthentic feedbacks.

Skill endorsements also help accounts get better ranking in search results, so the more endorsement an account has, the higher its ranking would be in search results. Endorsements have many benefits due to which their sudden disappearance can cause people to panic.

Reasons for the disappearance of endorsements
There are quite a few reasons due to which endorsements of an account owner can disappear. Below are some reasons due to which endorsement disappearance can take place.

Updates and changes
The disappearance of endorsements can occur due to the social site carrying out various experiments on the platform.

Whenever the social site is working to introduce major changes to the user interface, the platform gets disturbed, leading to several unwanted changes. Among those changes, the disappearance of endorsements also takes place.

In some cases, it has also been observed that updates to the site make the endorsement feature unusable altogether.

Though it may become unusable for a while, it always does get fixed eventually. It is best to stay calm in these cases and wait for a few days before becoming anxious.

Endorsements can get deleted.

Another reason for the sudden disappearance of an endorsement is that the connection who endorsed the account owner’s skill took back the endorsement. This scenario takes place often and is the leading cause of endorsements disappearing.

If the account owner remembers the connection whose endorsement is missing, they can simply go to their profile and message them about their endorsement’s sudden disappearance.

How to get endorsements back

Account owners can get their endorsements back by simply logging into their accounts and then going to their profile and from there selecting skills and expertise.

After entering that section, they can scroll to the endorsements that went missing and then simply hit the show button and then save that setting to make the endorsements visible on their profiles again.

In some cases, the social site accounts are not fully operational and may sometimes skip out some important information from the public profiles. Account owners have found that their total number of endorsements is not accurate when they view their LinkedIn account’s public profile.

The number that the site shows is much less than the number of endorsements the account owners have accumulated.

This happens because sometimes the social site automatically hides some endorsements from public profiles. To make them visible again, the account owners can simply visit their endorsements and, from their make, each one of them visible.

Step by step guide

Account owners can get their missing endorsements back by following the below-mentioned steps.

First step

The account owners should visit the social site and log in to their accounts.

Second step

The account owners should go to their profiles and then select the edit profile option from the top of the page.

Third step

After this, the account owners should click on skills to view the skills and expertise sections. From there, the account owners can select the skill whose endorsements are missing.

Fourth step

After selecting the skill, the account owners should click on the arrow next to “Display your endorsements?” and then should choose the option of “Yes, show my endorsements.”

Fifth step

After following the steps mentioned above, the account owners must simply click on the save button, and all their hidden or seemingly lost endorsements would appear again on their profiles.


Endorsements are a vital part of any account of the social site. Without them, an account cannot be successful. Not only do they provide validation to the account owners’ skills and expertise, but they also help the account owners to get more traffic towards their accounts.

Skill endorsement can help account owners make a good first impression on any visiting company or employer, so suddenly, losing them makes a negative impact on the profiles and makes the profiles’ value go down.

To avoid any inconvenience with skills endorsements, account owners should frequently check the number of endorsements they have. If the numbers do not add up, then they should follow the steps as mentioned earlier to get the missing endorsements back.

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