How to merge LinkedIn accounts

Whether you erroneously made another LinkedIn account or your friend makes another account for you, it is not uncommon to have numerous LinkedIn accounts.

It is anything but difficult to consolidate and merge your LinkedIn accounts. Worry no more; we will guide you with a step by step tutorial to merge your accounts.

You can join or close your duplicate accounts. Here we will guide you through the process of merging your accounts.

Why Merge your Accounts

While you’re permitted to distribute your profile in more than one language, making more than one profile by a company or individual is contrary to the principles of LinkedIn.

If another user sees you having numerous accounts and reports you, LinkedIn maintains the authority to close down the entirety of your profiles without notice.

If you have two careers, unfortunately, you will have to decide which one of those careers will take the lead on LinkedIn. Having multiple accounts may get you reported and ultimately removed from LinkedIn. 

For anybody wanting to utilize a LinkedIn account to administer their business or career, there are valid justifications to have just one account only. They include: 

It’s a guarantee that if some one searches for your profile or for your business, they will only see your primary profile (normally, individuals have one account they take more consideration about and the other being generally dismissed). 

Having all connections in one place and them not being dissipated across various profiles. 

Before merging LinkedIn Accounts

If you can sign into the two accounts with your name on it, and you have more than zero however under 30 thousand associations, it’s a simple and straightforward cycle to combine the two (before merging accounts, you should drop your Premium membership first, drop any activity postings and all Advertising Campaigns on the account you choose to close). 

If in case you have forgotten your password for the account you wish to close. However, you do recall the email address related to that account, you can demand another password from LinkedIn by heading off to the sign-in page and clicking “Forgotten Password?”.

When you have recovered admittance to the account, you can now continue with merging your account. 

However, in case you can not remember the email address related to the account, you should follow LinkedIn’s verification process. 

If one of your profiles does not have any connections, it is suggested that you essentially close this account instead of merging it. 

Back-up Account before Merging 

It is important to note that you can not merge two LinkedIn accounts completely. You may only have the option to move the connections and email addresses from the account you wish to merge. 

You may not have the option to consolidate profile content, work understanding, forthcoming solicitations, spared articles, supports, or any InMail credits.

Profile information like suggestions, work understanding, or gathering enrollment can not be moved from one Linkedin account to another. This is why you must get a back-up of all your profile information before you decide to merge your accounts. 

All profile content, alters, supports, suggestions, or spared articles and any InMail credits you have will be lost in case you don’t back-up your account.

A Step by Step tutorial to merge your LinkedIn Accounts

Step 1: Search for yourself on LinkedIn and decide which account to keep and which one to merge and close.

It is important to consider the above-mentioned factors in deciding which account to keep and which to close, as no two accounts can be merged completely.

From the account you wish to keep, click on the “Me” icon under your profile picture on the upper right-hand side. 

Step 2: From the drop-down menu, select “Settings and Privacy.” 

Stage 3: Select “Account” and then click “Account management.” 

Step 4: Click on “change” from the “Merging LinkedIn Accounts” option. 

Step 5: Add your email address and your password for the account you wish to close and then move forward to the “Submit” icon. 

Step 6: You will, after successfully completing step 5, be approached to affirm that you are shutting down the correct account, and then you should click “Continue.”

It is important to check here that you don’t, by mistake, shut down the wrong account. 

Step 7: Next, you have to enter the password of the account you want to use after merging both the accounts. After entering the password, click “Submit.” 

Confirmation Email from LinkedIn

After successfully completing the seven steps mentioned above, you will be done with most of the process of merging your accounts.

However, a very important step remains, that is to make sure that LinkedIn has acknowledged that you wish to merge your LinkedIn accounts. 

As soon as you are done with the above-mentioned steps, you will receive a confirmation email from LinkedIn. Note that it is very important to receive an affirmation notice email from LinkedIn on the email address of your essential account. 

Alternate methods for Merging LinkedIn Account

On the account you wish to keep, you should contact LinkedIn through the LinkedIn Help Center, and they will combine your accounts for you. Just mention the essential email addresses for the entirety of the accounts that you have on LinkedIn (to demonstrate proprietorship), and select which one you need to keep and which one you want to merge. 

Unfortunately, even if you adopt this method, profile information like proposals, work understanding, or gathering enrollment can not be moved.

This is the reason why it’s critical that you get a back-up of all your profile information before you merge your LinkedIn accounts.

Re-Importing Contacts

Re-Importing your Contacts from your old (presently erased) account to your new (active) account 

The CSV record of LinkedIn you had from an old account can be imported once you move to the other LinkedIn account or your new account.

Just take the CSV record you downloaded before and go to this connection: when you log in to LinkedIn with your new or merged account.

Discover the CSV document of your contacts, and click to transfer it. This will then show you a list of the contacts in the account to ensure that they all look right, then afterward you simply hit “Finish Upload” (on the grounds that you’re just re-bringing in your old connections, the entirety of the individuals on the rundown will be current LinkedIn individuals). 

Any connections that are not a part of the connections of your newly-merged account will now be allowed to interface.

Merging Business Accounts

You can merge the pages of your company on LinkedIn. Merging pages must be finished by reaching the Support group at LinkedIn.

To effectively merge the pages of your company, the accompanying models must be met: 

  1. You’re the admin of the two Pages. 
  2. The Pages are copies, local, unacquired auxiliaries, as well as divisional Pages for a similar organization. 
  3. There must be 100 employees associated with the page that is being merged. 
  4. The names on the two Pages need to coordinate. 

At LinkedIn, the member experience is their first concern, and all approaches are intended to secure this member’s trust.

The boundaries sketched out below are maintained as to keep up the data given by a member and not change an activity taken by a member such that it digresses from their unique aims without their communicated affirmation or endorsement. 

It is important to consider the following points before you request for merging your pages: 

Once a Page is merged, it can not be undone. 

Information related to merged page (s), including text and picture content, Sponsored Updates, examination, and posted updates, will not, at this point, be available. 

LinkedIn Ads accounts related to the merged page (s) can’t be moved to the retained page, nor can advertisement creatives related to them be reactivated. 

Only workers and supporters are relocated to the retained page. 

All the workers related to the merged page (s), including auxiliary Page(s), will be related to the retained page. 

Employment postings related to the consolidated page (s) will remain active, yet will not be relocated to the held page. You’ll have to physically re-partner the activity posting with the retained page. 

The combined page (s) will not, at this point, be active or discoverable through Search. 

Administrators of the merged Page(s) will not become the administrators of the retained page, except if they were before the union. 

Procured Pages for a company can not be converted into the parent organization’s page. 

Furthermore, in the event that you see errors in the number of adherents on your retained page, hold up 24 hours to check your page’s followers, considering there might be information idleness. 

To request for merging your Pages, you should reach out to LinkedIn with the following data: 

The company’s name precisely as they show up on Linkedin pages. 

The URLs for the page(s) that need to be merged. 

Clearly distinguish the Page that needs to be merged and the Page that needs to be retained. 

Explain why the page (s) must be combined.

Merging Learning Accounts

If you have an individual membership and a gathering permit on LinkedIn Learning, you can undoubtedly switch between your records. 

To change to your other Learning account: 

  1. Sign in to Learning. 
  2. Click “Me” in the upper right corner of the Learning landing page. 
  3. Underneath Switch Accounts, click on the account you might want to use to get to the Learning content. 
  4. Another window will open with your Learning account data.

Delete or Merge LinkedIn Accounts 

You can ask LinkedIn to merge at least two accounts into one, as explained above in great detail. However, simply erasing an account or accounts that you don’t need is a genuinely straightforward process. 

Whether you decide to merge or delete extra accounts, the process is fairly simple if you take note of a few fundamental considerations like downloading all data before embarking on the cycle. 

Ensure that you have spared the full rundown of connections for the account or accounts you wish to erase, and have the arrangement to invite them to re-interface, utilizing your favored account. 

You can delete your account if you believe that it is of no use for your business or career, or if you don’t wish to keep the connections on that account. Merging accounts is more favorable when you have similar content on both the accounts, and having two or more accounts is confusing for your audience. 

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