How to increase your LinkedIn followers

With over half a billion users around the world, truly no one can deny the fact that LinkedIn comes under the top influential social networking sites in the category of business and work.

If used accurately and adequately, this app can be of great utility and can help you come to get in touch with hundreds of business professionals and organizations across the world which would further help you to gain a firm foothold in the professional world.

Anyone can make a profile on LinkedIn but it’s more of an issue to what comes afterwards, how to get people to follow you? To untangle this seemingly difficult puzzle we’ve brainstormed and handpicked the best pointers you can follow and increase your LinkedIn followers.

These methods will discuss how to increase your personal followers as well as followers for your organization’s page.

Pay heed to network growth

Similar to any other social networking website, growing links, making new networks, and expanding your audience base is dire and the most successful way to go about if you want to lead in the business game of LinkedIn.

To start this path, the user can first start from browsing through and filtering out the people who are related to the industry that they are targeting from here onwards, the user can establish connections with them by either sending them emails or sending them a connection request.

Before moving on to sending out connection requests, there are a few other more important aspects as well that the user must keep into perspective when aiming to expand their network.

First thing is to create a powerful and impactful profile. What your profile holds is the ultimate deciding point of whether a user would want to stay on your profile or not.

It should be clear, concise, and should deliver your message and goal in a way that instantly creates an impression on the user.

Another important aspect is that no user would want to stay on a boring and dull profile which does not hold the mention of any achievements or awards on it.

In the case of LinkedIn, the more achievements you have, the greater your integrity will be in the eyes of the profile visitors.

These visitors or users will place a greater amount of trust in your business as it created an impactful first impression on them hence, this way you are more likely to gain the kind of followers which are likely to follow through.

Direct people towards your profile

In the likelihood that you operate or manage a website or blog, you’d find it useful to have a “Follow button” that leads people towards your LinkedIn profile. 

The smart move would be to add this button at the end of every page of your website, that way it will catch the eye of people who traverse through it.

Strive to get your material on LinkedIn Pulse

Writing thought-provoking and original posts on LinkedIn will definitely get you some views and responses from readers. However, if you want your posts to reach the maximum audience, you’ll have to get your material posted on the Pulse content Platform of LinkedIn.

Pulse acts as a filter, showing only the top content or posts on LinkedIn. This content is versatile and rich in nature as it is curated by the LinkedIn editorial team.

Of course, there is no confirmation that all or even most of your content will make it to the Linked Pulse page. You can alert the editorial committee by tweeting them and letting them know that you’ve shared a well thought out, and carefully crafted post.

This will help a lot, even if one out of 20 posts get picked up. That would essentially mean that your post will be shared with millions of LinkedIn followers who’ve followed that particular category related to your post.

What follows will be a healthy amount of followers as we’ve seen it take place with other social media apps like YouTube. 

Be active on LinkedIn groups

One way of getting your voice heard and making some good noise is by joining the LinkedIn groups. As a member, you can start interactive and thought-provoking discussions or partake in discussions of other members posts. 

Make sure whatever you share in these groups holds value as other high ranking professionals will read your writing. 

The most important aspect of this is to join groups that are relevant to your field and area of interest. Make sure to be active in discussions group chats, this will create positive publicity and will tempt people to visit your profile and possibly follow you.

Consistency is key 

Getting popular on LinkedIn and amassing a huge following is not an easy task, it needs proper structure, planning, and most importantly, consistency. 

You can not expect to post once a week and send some connection requests, expecting your follower count to grow. 

The method is pretty simple yet challenging, you have to increase the monthly publishing frequency of your articles, so if you’ve been publishing 5 posts a month, you need to double or maybe even triple these numbers while maintaining quality. Be more active in groups and answer multiple posts and queries.

This may seem daunting, but the pay-off is definitely worth it.

Spread the word through your team members.

If you are relatively new to LinkedIn and want your page to have a boost in popularity. Your team members can be of great help. They can tag your page in updates, this will be shared with their network and all the connections will be routed to your page, resulting in a big boost of popularity.

Another important feature is to make sure that the employees are accurately linked to your work page. This is essential because anytime they make a new connection, it will be prompted to follow your page.

Include a small link in your profile that directs people to your organization’s page.

Another titbit on getting more followers entails adding a small link in the “Website URL” of your profile. This link will direct the oncoming viewers to your page. You can maximise the results by asking your crew members to do the same.

As discussed in the previous method, you should properly introduce your Organization on your LinkedIn profile. That way, any connection that follows you will be prompted to follow your organization’s page.

Tag influences of your selected field.

This method can be a tricky one as there is a fine line between accurate update mentions and spamming. 

If you have influential people in your area of work and you want to be associated with them, make page updates and mention these influencers and firms so they have a better chance of noticing you and your work. That way they can share your posts to their huge number of followers. 

However, as we mentioned earlier, it is important to be subtle with this tactic as it can come off as attention-seeking and spammy really easily.

Find a way to make influencers mention your page 

It’s a known fact that the topmost figures in your industry are also the most influential, their word holds a lot of value and the industry eagerly awaits their valuable input.

When such people consistently talk about an organisation and their LinkedIn page, it will shortly hoard a lot of followers and daily traffic. 

So, consistently make relevant and appealing posts that conform with the rules and guidelines of the said influences, tag them in these posts on a regular basis and you may just catch their attention.

Make your posts and on-page content more engaging.

There’s a saying that “every publicity is good publicity”. This saying actually holds a lot of value and you can use it to your advantage.

When you share a post on your page, make communication your priority. See to it that page members engage consistently in discussions through comments. This technique will help publicize your content to a wider audience. 

An example of doing so is actively engaging yourself in the discussion and replying back with valuable information.

There have been many such posts with creative and strong comment threads which have gotten much deserved viral publicity as a result.

Know your competition 

Most often, companies make the mistake of replicating their competitor’s success which only comes off as unoriginal.

The right way of analysing and reviewing your competitor’s work is to find the loopholes and whitespaces they’ve left out. Then, make sure your work fulfils all these gaps so your content remains unique and original.

Be authentic and write from the heart

This can be the best and the most important advice for any new business profile. Whatever one is writing on their publishing platform, make sure that you write it from your heart and put in all the hard work.

If you come to think of it, most of the profiles and users on LinkedIn will have somewhat the same concerns and thoughts as you do.

So make sure that your content does not talk about supernatural stuff because that is never going to catch the follower’s attention.

Keep your content as real and as close to reality as much as you can. People over there are real living beings who are in search of real-life solutions.

So that is what is ultimately going to attract them. Moreover, try to visit the publishing platform of other users to know what they are writing about. Once you know that, you can write about the unconventional topics that no other user is talking about.

This will help the users to gain more interest in your profile as you have something new and different to offer them as compared to other such business profiles.

There is surely no playbook present which tells you the way to go about to make your presence noticeable, it is your research and hard work that is going to make your stand out and ultimately help you succeed.

Final words

The above-mentioned methods are handpicked to cater and answer all related problems on how to increase your LinkedIn followers. Follow these steps if you have an organisation page on LinkedIn and reap the benefits of a large following.

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