How to get free LinkedIn endorsements?

People often find themselves on the social platform LinkedIn when they are looking to secure a new job. They go through various processes of including information about themselves and their skills and expertise in their accounts.

People enter all their professional skills and expertise so that they can attract interest from different reputed companies. 

But simply inputting skills is not enough for luring in companies. This is because the companies cannot merely trust an account owners’ skills set, which they themselves input into their accounts.

If the account owners want to give their skills credibility, then they should use the feature of LinkedIn endorsements. 

Through this feature, the connections of the account owners can swiftly provide validation to the account owners’ skills and expertise.

This feature even enables the various employers and companies to quickly see and understand what an account owner can genuinely offer.   

This feature is an excellent alternative to the quality of the endorsements. In the case of endorsements, the connections of the account owners had to write lengthy paragraphs explaining the various skills the account owners possess and why they should be hired.

This took time and effort, which is why people rarely gave recommendations. 

So, the social site introduced the feature of endorsements to the platform. This innovative feature allowed people to give validation and credibility to their connections’ skills by merely pressing a button. 

While the process of giving away endorsements is simple, accumulating endorsements is a whole other game. To reserve a healthy number of endorsements in a swift manner, below are a few methods and techniques.

Add relevant skills

If the account owners desire to accumulate endorsements that would prove to be useful to their accounts, then they should only add the skills they want to get recognition for.

When a visitor comes to an account filled with skills, they get overwhelmed and confused, and instead of endorsing the account, they end up leaving the page altogether. 

For making sure that this scenario does not take place with their accounts, the account owners should only add relevant skills to their profiles. The relevant skills will make a better impression on the account visitors, and this would result in the account’s skills getting endorsed frequently. 

Eliminate non-important skills

It is essential to get endorsed for the skills that will end up getting jobs for the account owners.

Having too many skills on the account would divide up the number of endorsements. The connections upon seeing many skills may end up endorsing a skill that is not so relevant to the work or profession of the account owner, which would end up wasting the endorsement.

The account owners’ focus should be on getting endorsements for the skills that are relevant to their professions.

The experts of the social site say that an account having two skills with twenty endorsements each is better than an account having twenty skills with only one endorsement each. 

Make endorsement section the star.

For increasing the chances of getting endorsed, it is suggested to move the endorsement section near to the top of the profile.

This process can be carried out by following a few simple steps.

The account owner can do this by pressing “Edit” near the top of the profile. After that, the account owner can grab and reposition the endorsement section by using the arrow that appears in front of “Skills and Expertise.”  

The experts of the social site suggest putting endorsements directly beneath the profile summary, as they prove to be the most impactful from that position. This is an easy step but can still quickly boost the number of endorsements an account receives.

Endorse others

A great way to get an endorsement from others is to first endorse them. The account owners can start this process by supporting the skills of their friends and colleagues first.

This is because these are the most likely people to give endorsements back to the account owners. 

Giving endorsement to people can help the account owners in getting their attention as well. When the people visit the profile of their endorser and see the skills, they possess they are likely to return the favor. 

The social site experts rank this method very highly. This is because they have found this method to be very successful.

Whenever accounts give away an endorsement, they become very likely to get endorsements back as well.

Request endorsements

For getting endorsements, account owners can send out endorsement request messages as well.

Account owners can write messages to the various people they have worked with and in the messages can ask them for endorsements.

The account owners can make the message a success by asking the receiver what they can do for them. 

The account owners should make sure that their message does not sound desperate, as such a message would create a negative image of the account owner in front of the receiver. The social site allows its users to message up to fifty people at once. 

Attract more people

By having a significant number of visitors, the account owners increase their chances of getting endorsements. But to gather visitors, there are a few essential steps that the account owners should perform. 

For getting more traffic towards their accounts, the account owners should make their profiles fully optimized.

Account owners can optimize their profiles by adding their names to their LinkedIn URLs. Account owners can also link their LinkedIn account with their other social media accounts to make their profiles optimized. 

Include a call to action in the profile summary

When people visit an account on the social site, the chances of them endorsing it are fifty-fifty.

For increasing the chances of getting endorsements, the account owners can add a call to action at the end of their profile summaries. 

This makes the accounts more likely to get endorsements from their visitors. Account owners can add a simple call to action in their profiles, such as: “P.S, I would really appreciate it if you take two seconds and endorse me below.”     

Offer incentives

If the account owners want their connections to endorse their skills, then they should give them a reason to do so.

Account owners can provide people who support them with an incentive. Though this method is a bit questionable, it has been proven to be of great success. 

Account owners can deliver the message of incentive through various methods. Account owners can simply add to their call to action that they would offer an incentive, such as an e-book, to anyone that endorses their skills.    

Update status frequently 

It has been noted that out of the many millions of users of the social platform, only a handful 0f people update their status regularly.

This situation presents itself as an opportunity, as by posting frequent status updates, the account owners can get the attention of the other users without any competition. 

The account owners should make sure to only post content that is knowledgeable and is relevant to their skills.

By posting such content, the account owners can give their followers a genuine reason to endorse their skills. 

Quality over quantity

It is true that quantity matters, but people should not forget that quality is just as important.

In the process of accumulating endorsements, account owners should remember that gathering endorsement that comes from credible sources is also significant. 

When it comes to endorsements, it is essential to gather those who would be perceived as credible and noteworthy.

The experts of the social platform say that getting an endorsement for skills from relevant sources is keen a factor in making a profile successful. 

If an interested company views a profile and finds that its content writing skills are endorsed by an accountant, they will see it as a meaningless endorsement. But in the scenario where the same endorsement comes from a client or a fellow content writer, the endorsement’s credibility goes straight up. 

So, the account owners should stop only concentrating on the number of endorsements they have accumulated and should start gathering endorsements that are from credible sources.

This will help in making the profiles of the account owners more credible and attention-worthy. 

Having endorsements from irrelevant sources can cause harm to a profile. Account owners can even remove an endorsement that they view as useless by merely pressing on the edit button of the skills and expertise section, after which they can click on manage endorsements, and then use the hide feature from there. 

Gather the best endorsements

Companies and employers that use the social platform to look for potential employees always end up paying close attention to an account’s endorsements.

They check whether the endorsed skill on an account has been supported by relevant people or not. The endorsement that the account owners acquire from their colleagues and co-workers is considered to be the best.

The endorsements attained from the account owners’ managers, employers, or colleagues are highly rated because they have the experience of working with the account owners.

Due to their familiarity with the account owners, these people have the knowledge and expertise to give the account owners honest endorsements.  

Getting endorsements from these people should not be a difficult task if the account owners are well skilled. The account owners can write them a message asking for an endorsement.

Another method that can be used is to simply visit their accounts and endorse their skills while hoping that they would return the favor. 

These methods are sure to secure the endorsements of managers, colleagues, or co-workers.

Through these methods, the account owner can ensure the endorsements that are of exceptionally high value and can then go on to impress the visiting employers or companies. 

Endorsement generators

The account owners that are having a tough time acquiring any endorsements for their skills can check out endorsement generators.

These generators help account owners to accumulate meaningful endorsements for their skills. These are free to use, meaning that anyone from around the world can benefit from the services they provide. 

Account owners can fill a basic form and can then go on to generate endorsements for their accounts. These generators provide the account owners with endorsements from relevant sources so that the companies do not view them as spam.

With the help of these generators, account owners can give their profile on the social site a healthy start.

These generators improve the image of an account, as the more significant number of endorsements an account has, the better its ranking is. 

Endorsement generates can also increase the visibility of the account on the social site. This is because the social site presents the accounts that have a great number of endorsements, higher in search results.

Some of the generators available online are said to increase the visibility of the accounts to up to 17 times. 

These generators provide endorsements to the users of the social site only from credible and well-reputed accounts.

These generators only endorse those skills of the account owners that are top-ranked, so that no endorsement goes to waste.  

These generators are trusted service providers as they only provide endorsements through genuine and credible accounts.

So, if anyone desires to giver their endorsement gathering process a head start then, they should surely visit an endorsement generator site.

Be considerate

By accumulating a healthy amount of endorsements, the account owners open a door of opportunities. But the account owners should not forget who made this possible. The account owners should always say thank you to the connections who provide them with endorsements, as it not only shows appreciation but also makes the bond meaningful. 

Showing appreciation also helps account owners in gathering more endorsements and can even lead them in attaining business contacts and opportunities.

Account owners can show their gratitude by sending their endorsers a thank you message. 

Endorsements have become very important for the accounts of LinkedIn. Without endorsements, the accounts of the social site cannot get proper exposure on the platform.

If any account owner wishes to secure a job through the help of their account on LinkedIn, then they should give proper time and effort to the endorsement gathering process. 

The above-mentioned methods and techniques provide the users of the social site with a pathway through which they can secure endorsements successfully.

There are both quick and time-consuming techniques in the above-mentioned processes, but if the users desire to get the best results, then they should follow all of them wholeheartedly.  

By following the above-mentioned methods and techniques, the users of the social platform can healthily gather endorsements.

Not only does the above-mentioned methods and techniques enable account owners to accumulate a great number of endorsements, but it also helps them in securing endorsements that are of very high value. 

If the users wish to secure endorsements from credible and reputed sources and want to have a successful account on the social site, then the above-mentioned methods and techniques are the only tools they can trust.   

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