How to get 99+ LinkedIn Endorsements?

People often come to the social site LinkedIn to find a new job. Upon their arrival, the newcomers are advised to follow a few necessary steps to generate more attraction for their accounts. 

The steps include uploading a professional-looking profile picture, feeding the notable achievements one has racked up into their accounts, and contacting all the companies the account holder wishes to work for.

But even after executing all the necessary steps for optimizing a LinkedIn profile, people often find their profile on the platform to be of no use. 

The social site has a ton of features. Through the social area, people can perform the numerous tasks of staying in touch with their co-workers and acquaintances, applying for new jobs and positions.

But to make a LinkedIn account useful and get the most out of the social site, LinkedIn endorsements are a must.

The endorsement feature of the social site can instantaneously transform a previously useless account into an attention-grabbing profile. Through this feature, a profile can genuinely be converted into a resourceful champion. 

What is the purpose of the feature?

A few years ago, the social site checked its existing features and found that the recommendation feature was proving to be useless.

In those times people had to visit the profile they wanted to recommend and then had to type a lengthy paragraph explaining why the recommended profile is noteworthy. 

The users found this extensive procedure to be exhausting. In its place, the outstanding feature of endorsements was introduced.

People can get endorsements from their connections quickly. Endorsements enable a person to guarantee their contact’s proficiency in a skill by merely pressing a button. 

The greater the number of endorsements an account has the greater the number of recruiters it would gather.

The feature helps an account to show up much higher in searches and gives the account much-needed credibility. Even a study held by a notable company claimed that through the help of endorsements an account can get more recognition.

The differences between the notable features

The two features: recommendations and endorsements, of the social site, are vastly different.

Through the help of endorsements, the contacts of the account owner can endorse the skills of the account owner by merely pressing a button. Meanwhile, the feature of recommendations is different.  

The recommendation is a feature in which the account owner’s connections write a message explaining all the professional expertise and skills the account owner possesses. The recommendation process takes much longer than the operation of an endorsement.

Why the feature is necessary for making a profile noteworthy?

The feature of recommendations is considered as more impactful, but for an account to be successful, gathering both recommendations and endorsements are required. The endorsements are essential because:

  • They help the account in attaining a higher position in the search results.
  • The process of providing endorsements is easy and convenient.
  • They bring credibility to an account.

How to secure highly valuable LinkedIn endorsements?


Make a nice and balanced profile

The account owners that wish to secure endorsements from their connections should properly work on their profiles. The account owners should give their connections a noteworthy profile that deserves to get an endorsement.

Having a fully optimised profile also increases the chances of getting endorsements.

Make constant updates

Account owners should link their social media accounts to their LinkedIn profiles to gather endorsements.

Account owners should focus on engaging with their newly formed connections. By continually engaging, the account owners can build a healthy relationship with their connections and can then gather endorsements from them.

The account owners should focus on continually posting about things that are relevant to their skills.

This would give the proof of the depth of knowledge the account owners have regarding their skills, showing their connections another reason to endorse their accounts. 

Make the profile endorsement-friendly

For getting endorsements from colleagues, acquaintances, and friends, it is essential for making a profile endorse-able.

Account owners should open their profile sections and then should head towards the edit profile option. Then they should select the option of skills and endorsements. 

From there onwards, the account owners can adjust the skills and endorsements settings as they see fit.

It is recommended to arrange the skills based on the level of proficiency one has in them. Through proper ranking, account owners can accumulate endorsements for the skills they desire to get more recognition for. 

Insert relevant skills into an account

The account owners should be sharp in listing their skills. They should see and check which of their skills are the most relevant to their industry and market.

After picking out the skills that are essential to finding a new job, the account owners should go on to list them according to their importance.

Give away endorsements

Another excellent method for gaining endorsements is to give away endorsements first. The account owners can start by giving endorsements to their colleagues and friends, as they are the most likely people to endorse the account owners’ skills back.

After endorsing colleagues and friends, account owners can start supporting the skills of familiar people. They can endorse the skills of their clients, vendors, or even freelancers.

This makes the account owners’ profiles gather endorsements even from the most unlikely of places.

Form a template for endorsement requests

Account owners can get plenty of valuable endorsements by merely asking their contacts. But this should be carried out correctly.

The best way to ask for endorsements is to make a template for endorsement requests. 

A popular template devised by an expert on the social site contains a lot of creative and smart thinking. The template puts the question of “what skill do you want to be endorsed for?”, in front of the receiver instead of asking them for endorsement directly.

This is because asking for endorsement straight out would seem desperate and weak. 

Asking for endorsements directly would also make a negative image of the profile owners in front of the others.

Another smart move that is taken by the maker of the popular template is that he mentions the skills he wants the receiver to endorse and makes sure to only ask for a few skills to be supported for. 

Through this, a profile owner can gather endorsements for the most remarkable skills they possess. The key thing in making a request message is to keep it simple and straight to the point.

Pick out the contacts

Asking for endorsements from the whole contact list is considered as an aggressive move by the experts of the social platform.

Instead, they suggest profile owners make a list of all the contact who are most likely to endorse their skills. 

After picking out the appropriate number of contacts, the account owners can send their endorsement request message to them, at once.

The social site allows account owners to send the message to fifty people at once. 

It is also suggested to make a personalized message for each contact that is going to receive the request for endorsement.

This would make end up making a significant impact on the receivers and would dramatically increase the chances of getting endorsements from them.

Return the favor

As the profile owners would be making the promise of giving away endorsements to the contact that endorse them, it is essential to follow up on that agreement.

By following up on their promise, account owners can further boost their image on the social platform in front of their peers. 

Be respectful

For building a successful profile on the social site it is crucial to show respect to the other users.

It is suggested to the account owners to always send a thank you message to the people that endorse their skills. An endorsement from a colleague or a friend should never be taken for granted.

Most of the users of the social site appreciate a simple thank you message greatly and find the people to be insulting who forgo this practice. A quick thank you note goes a long way in making a lasting LinkedIn connection.

Without endorsements, an account on the social site cannot survive, as they play a vital role in making an account successful. Businesses and companies only acknowledge those accounts that have accumulated a healthy number of endorsements.

But gathering endorsement is not a simple task to perform.  

Anyone that desires to have an excellent professional account on the social site, must get endorsements for their LinkedIn account.

By following the above-mentioned methods and techniques any account whether it is new or old can gather endorsements. 

The above-mentioned processes, as can be seen, are not quick and easy, as they require time and effort, but once an account owner uses them, they are guaranteed to get back positive results. Through the help of endorsements, account owners can secure jobs at multi-national companies and businesses. 

So, the users that are looking to gather valuable endorsements for their accounts, these methods, and techniques provide an excellent pathway for reaching that goal.

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