Can you have 2 LinkedIn accounts?

In an advanced world that we live in, many individuals tend to lead a double life managing their professional and social life side by side. Just like one is bound by such practices in their daily routine, the same dichotomy is maintained in their online activities as well.

LinkedIn is a trendy and mostly-used application worldwide that helps people get in touch with their clients, investors, and employers effortlessly. Those who use LinkedIn to expand their business and increase their potentiality have multiple LinkedIn accounts to adopt convenient ways to take their financial budget to the next level.

Although there are several applications or social media platforms online, what makes LinkedIn unique? If you are looking forward to getting familiarized with an application that shows you the feed you are interested in and links you to people who might do some good to you, then LinkedIn is what you are looking for.

But are you stressing about keeping both of your professional identities handled without getting confused and all the information jumbled up?

Now is the right time for you to have two LinkedIn accounts that will allow you to gain proficiency in both of your fields without having to face any discomfort, fraud, or banning.

You are not the only individual who is handling and managing different jobs at one time; therefore, you can expand your business by doing what many others are doing. Whether you are a freelancer or a jewelry maker looking for clients, you can control both of these job opportunities through multiple LinkedIn accounts.

By making different business accounts for your different business goals, you can encourage each side of your professionalism to enhance and earn a profitable amount of money.

Understanding that the more diverse you’ll make your accounts, the more clients you will be able to attract consequently. People choosing different careers as their financial sources now have multiple platforms to showcase their talents and skills while getting bounteous advantages.

Through their socializing on LinkedIn, they will be able to increase their networking size that will help them reach their goals and ambitions quite effortlessly.

Why is it advised to have two LinkedIn accounts?

 It is quite difficult for an individual to manage clients and connections of both of their companies from a single account as it will confuse the clients and increase obstacles for the user.

Exchanging valuable content, finding authentic links, and enjoying facilitating opportunities can only be availed if you use LinkedIn strategically. Whether you are in need of an employee or an employer, through this organized digital platform online, you can avail each of the opportunities to gain profitable benefits in your professional life.

How to create two LinkedIn accounts online?

Although LinkedIn is not allowed to have more than one LinkedIn accounts, they can avail of this option by making a personal one and a professional one respectively.

By creating one LinkedIn account as your profile and the other one as a company’s account, you will be able to control both and access the contacts and adjust the privacy settings of both accounts conveniently.

By managing one account as a freelancing and the other one as a fruitful choice to expand your business, you can easily handle both of them effortlessly. 

By keeping both of your profiles in order, you will attract a different kind of audience to your account as they will be intrigued by the type of content you publish.

All you need to do to have two separate LinkedIn accounts is to use different emails for separate accounts with different passwords and personal details.

If you manage to give both the accounts equal efforts to increase the exposure of your brand or company, you will enjoy several financial benefits as you will get attention from the target audience quite feasibly.

How can you edit your LinkedIn accounts to control them in a better way?

The tips to attract your target audience through two LinkedIn accounts of yours remain crucial as it discovers whether you will be able to earn the desired financial profits or not.

To get the exposure you need, intrigue your audience to contact you, and convince your authentic investors to trust you; one needs to edit their multiple accounts wisely keeping in mind the important impactful details. 

Here’s what you can follow to get your desired results while having two LinkedIn accounts for professional benefits:

  • In the headline section of your profile, adopt a creative and concise tone while mentioning the subject of your job and the skills and talents you have proficiency in. There is no need for you to confuse the audience with unnecessary information as it might make a bad impression of yours on them. Only mention the details of the job you are currently pursuing and the skills and talents that it demands. 
  • Showing off the training and experience that you have will not cost you, instead, it will pave the path for you to avail of different services and facilitating job opportunities. Once you type in the required information in a casual yet formal way, you will instantly start receiving several offers from different employees, employees, and clients.
  • Adding all the jobs that you have previously done along with mentioning the currently-pursuing jobs in the jobs section will help improve your resume on LinkedIn. While you edit both of your LinkedIn accounts, you must keep notice that neither does the information look too much out of the place nor does it appear as if it’s close to nothing.
  • Having two LinkedIn accounts can be a little tricky sometimes, which is why it is advised to adjust your privacy settings as soon as you register them online. In case you do not want your boss to get angry with you for being on the lookout for finding new jobs online, you can alter the settings instantly to control who can view or get notified about your new account. 
  • By handling both of your accounts’ settings, you can deal with other aspects or features of your account as well that you do not want to be public. LinkedIn allows its users to have complete liberty on this digital marketing platform to encourage diversity, creativity, and unique ideas. Through the settings tab, you can also select the users you allow to view your account, contact you, be visible on your feed, and connect with you on this virtual professional workspace. 
  • In case you are looking forward to getting your LinkedIn accounts merged into one to control both the business opportunities easily, you can do so as well through the LinkedIn account. By merging the accounts into one, many people have found it a convenient option to control and contact every client through a single account while not losing any important information.

Why it is not recommended to have made two LinkedIn accounts online?

Although LinkedIn has allowed its users to connect and make authentic links with several professionals and clients, one must keep in mind that LinkedIn is against the user agreement of LinkedIn to have more than one profile on this platform.

While it is allowed for you to use different languages to publish your account, yet it is against the rules and law of the LinkedIn policy to let a user create more than one account on LinkedIn.

If any user finds your account suspicious or is aware that you have two or more than two accounts, they can report your account and LinkedIn shuts down your account instantly to respect the reserved rights of every individual on LinkedIn. 

Although these problems that one might come across to create two LinkedIn accounts might get solved, the double work that these accounts bring along is unquestionable.

When people create two different accounts to supervise independently, they get confused but feel frustrated upon meeting and contacting the members of each account individually.

Not only that, but many people feel that they have to prioritize one account over another. Since it is difficult to handle different LinkedIn accounts separately; therefore, either the users lose the influence of both their business accounts or they end up keeping one account more active than the other.

It might cause hindrance in your business goals as the multiple LinkedIn accounts might distract you from your goals of pursuing the right career as your authentic profession.

Since digital marketing demands you to expand your exposure to increase your sales potential, it has been observed that two LinkedIn accounts divide your connections as there are two accounts instead of a single active and more popular one.

Instead of being a jack of all trades and master of none, you can establish an influential profile among the LinkedIn community by combining your skills and talents accordingly without dividing them into two profiles.

To act upon this tact, you can make a single profile that you want as your professional one to attract the audience. Type in the relevant and common aspect of both of the fields that you find interesting while mentioning your commendable knowledge, training, and skills in the respective fields.

This will not only hold your respectable reputation among the business community but will also let your audience believe that you are an authentic person and can be trusted to make professional connections with.

Hence, it is recommended to appear authentic and not confusing before your audience by not violating LinkedIn policies.

How to choose one LinkedIn account over two accounts?

Picking one career out of the careers that you have can be a little hurtful at times, but not unnecessary. Sometimes, one needs to pick between two choices to focus on one and excel in that field admirably while getting satisfied in their professional as well as in their social life.

To ensure the success of your professional life, you will have to select one of your LinkedIn accounts to attain interests and bounteous benefits by establishing that account as a popular and trusted account among the community.

Considering the choices of your target audience should also be kept in notice while creating your account as it will have a high impact on the connections, links, and exposure that influences the interests, profits, and sales potential.

While choosing between your interests, ponder upon the fact whether the audience will be wanting to get themselves that service or product as well or not.

By doing so, you will be more likely to attain attention from a large segment of the audience as they will find your account interesting and intriguing.

These days online markets have overruled other markets by attracting buyers and dedicated customers from worldwide who do not only find this option convenient but also quite facilitating.

It is quite common these days to order favorite products online, which is why it is advised that one should stay focused on one single LinkedIn account to establish it well and start earning from that account productively. 

How to gain more audiences through your single LinkedIn account?

Having multiple skills and talents does not cost you, in fact, it brings you numerous opportunities online in your professional life.

Then why not showcase your talents in the headline of your profile and earn profitable finances by doing your commendable job and finding the right place through LinkedIn. 

One should upload a clear, unique, and creative headline to intrigue the target audience and convince them enough to contact you for professional requirements. By doing so, you will be able to earn more benefits than an individual earning from two accounts, as your profile will look more authentic, trustworthy, and effective.

To earn the trust of dedicated investors, enthusiastic customers, and the public worldwide, you will have to write a catchy headline that does not sound too outdated or old. 

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