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Like all other social platforms, LinkedIn is not an exception. The professional platform also has the ability just like the other social platforms of posting and gaining likes and recently the reaction button was introduced. However, likes have remained the best reaction so far on LinkedIn to any of the posts. 

Even though when you have a good amount of followers and connections, it gets tough to make the post reach out to all of them in most cases. We understand it and are keen to help you out getting likes on your posts right away. Here are my packages, and if you have more questions, check out our FAQ’s below.

50 Linkedin Likes

48 Hours Delivery
$ 5
  • Fully customized
  • Genuine details
  • Phone Verified

100 Linkedin Likes

48 Hours Delivery
$ 20
  • Fully Customized
  • Genuine Details
  • Phone Verified

500 Linkedin Likes

48 Hours Delivery
$ 30
  • Fully Customized
  • Genuine Details
  • Phone Verified

Frequently Asked

We have a wide network of LinkedIn Open Networkers (LION’s) and share your profile in these networks and you’ll start to get likes right away.

No, totally not. We don’t need access to your LinkedIn account in the first place. Everything is done externally.

Yes, they will be 100% real and active just like you.

Yes, it is safe to buy our service and this is 100% legal. We don’t go against any of the LinkedIn policies.

As soon as the order is placed and is received by us, then you will be able to see the likes on your post within 12-24 hours.

We take our work seriously and provide the best service. We stay away from spams and everything you get in return is real and guaranteed.

LinkedIn is just any other social platform except that it has professional users and the post can be a professional too. However, the post sharing process is the same here on LinkedIn, and reaching out to people with your post can be tricky even having a good amount of followers and connections on LinkedIn as well. Due to the huge active members on LinkedIn, your posts vanish quickly into thousands of posts posted by other members.

LinkedIn is very well known for the generation of leads quickly and effectively, according to the research 61 million users of LinkedIn are the senior-level influencers while 40 million at the decision-making positions. If you want to target the right people with your posts for generating leads then LinkedIn is amongst the best. However, on paper, it is already second in the list after Facebook for marketing solutions.

The best thing about LinkedIn is that if you’re posting here then you’re a gem. In fact, given that LinkedIn has over 600 million users and from that, it has about 250 million active users but only around 3 million posts daily on LinkedIn. That simply means that those 3 million users are fetching in all the 9 billion impressions. 

All you have to do is give a little boost to your post and your post will reach out to many other potential users.
By now you already know why you are right when you’re posting on LinkedIn and the great opportunities LinkedIn has when it comes to sharing posts and reaching out to people out there. 

A small boost is what we provide in order for you to reach out even more people out there. The LinkedIn, like all other social platforms, have an algorithm in place, and the psychology of the people as well. The more likes on posts drive other people to check out your posts, likewise, it drives more likes to your post. We are keen to help you out with all the likes you want on your post in order to boost the likes on your post and reach out to as many people as you want.

The LinkedIn Algorithm also plays a major role, according to their algorithm, the more people you’re connected, the more chances are there your post will reach out to people outside your network. If you’re short on connections, we do also provide good quality connections and as usual LinkedIn connections are like gold, you have to have them but networking is a tough job to do from scratch and we help right away to boost your connections.

Coming back to the Algorithm, LinkedIn set it up pretty easily. The LinkedIn posts are first served to see if it is engaged by the small number of users like for instance as a test. If it passes the test, then it is forwarded to the editors which are real people to determine whether it should continue to be shown to huge people out there. Similarly, you need to get in additional likes as a boost in order to gain even more likes on it and to make it go viral.

However, if you’re pretty new to LinkedIn, you will be having a tough time gathering the likes on your posts and reaching out to the people. Once you give your account or profile a boost, then you will be able to catch the speed and gain more audience out there on LinkedIn.

Therefore, we help you by providing the best LinkedIn Likes on your post and help you boost the likes and reach to as many potential users out there. We have been providing LinkedIn Likes and other services for over 3 years now without any complaints so far from any of our customers.

Our customer base is over 1000 and we are the best and leading LinkedIn service providers and we are growing continuously. We have made it easy for you to buy LinkedIn likes and boost your reach and generate leads. It is a pretty easy to buy linkedin likes from us. 

Apart from this, you will be exposed to a lot of new visitors as well and some of them might turn into your connections too. I’ve given our pricing above and our terms and conditions are pretty simple, if you have more questions regarding our service, then you are always welcome to contact me for more precise information to clear out your doubts. I’d be more than glad to help you out.