Buy LinkedIn Followers

Let it be any of the social platforms, either a professional like LinkedIn or just some entertainment one like Facebook or Twitter, you need people to connect and without them, it’s just a mere platform. It’s super hard to start from scratch on any platform and find people to connect with and as a new user people will always find it difficult to connect with someone with fewer followers. 

Don’t worry, we have got you covered here with our LinkedIn Followers service. We help you get a boost on the LinkedIn Platforms by providing you with followers that are just one click away. Here are our packages listed below:



100 Linkedin Followers
$ 10
  • 8-10 Skills
  • 48 Hours Delivery
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


300 Linkedin Followers
$ 20
  • 20-25 Skills
  • 48 Hours Delivery
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed


500 Linkedin Followers
$ 30
  • 35-40 Skills
  • 48 Hours Delivery
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

Frequently Asked

Our service is almost instant, once the order is placed and received by us, you will be able to see the followers coming to your way within a couple of hours.

Yes, it is 100% trustable. If you’ve more questions, feel free to contact us.

Usually, 90% of the followers will be from the United States. However, to keep your profile more real and natural, there might be followers from different countries as well.

As of now, it is not possible to provide industry-specific followers as there are plenty of thousands of skills and industries which make it impossible for us to provide the specific followers.

No, you’ll only be asked for your LinkedIn URL and the rest will be taken care of externally.

No, as we said everything happens externally so there is no risk involved at all with your account.

Yes, they are real and permanent. We have a wide network of Professional LinkedIn Users where we share your profile, so this is real.

How might having followers can help you in boosting your LinkedIn profile? Well, it’s as simple as it looks. 

The more followers you have, the more trust you built among the new connections, and the impact of it happen effectively on the visitors of your profile. 

LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional social platforms where thousands of people are seeking jobs and thousands of companies listing jobs and recruiting people. Making an impact on the visitors of your profile is the must if you need them to interact with your profile. 

It’s not an easy job to gain followers from scratch by searching people out there and even the chances of getting followed back are less.


You can pretty much do it yourself. But it would take huge amount of time and effot.

Watch this video to get a basic idea about doing it yourself. If you don’t have time and resources to do it yourself, you can hire me to help you do this for you.

How does having followers impact on the visitors? It’s a psychology of many people out there that if you have a great number of followers then it might make an impression of people thinking highly of you and so does the visitor.

It will keep the visitor to not bounce off your profile and instead take a look deeper into it. This makes your profile worthy and you might get new connections as well and might get the job offers at the best. 

There’s a difference between the followers and connections on LinkedIn and followers. 

Connections are something where you connect with people that you know and trust while the following basically allows you to see another LinkedIn user posts without connecting with them.

 Therefore, having followers on LinkedIn looks appealing as with a high number of followers, it makes a good impression that people think highly of you and you have some good content to share with them hence give you even more following and reach out there on LinkedIn.

According to the report, LinkedIn has the most users from the US but still, 70% of LinkedIn users are outside of the US.

 It’s is obviously good to work on your LinkedIn profile and make it stand out as people spend time on other networks, while they invest time on LinkedIn.

There is much more potential lying behind this giant professional social platform and you don’t have to miss it just because of a lower number of followers.

One of the best and the easiest way to get started with LinkedIn as a new user is to buy the LinkedIn followers and give yourself a boost on this platform without any hassles of searching, creating good content, and invest your precious time into it. 

When you have plenty of followers lying on your profile then it gets very easy to handle and grow your LinkedIn profile compared to starting it out from scratch. 

Research clearly shows that LinkedIn takes in 9 billion impressions per month and that’s a lot, like a lot. Do you still think having followers is a bad idea, well it is not. 

Followers make you stand out to many people like this, the more impressions you get, the more followers get to keep adding. All you have to do is boost your followers at first in the beginning. 

Research also shows that LinkedIn or take any social platform for instance is something which works by connecting with people of similar interest.

Now LinkedIn is a place where millions of professionals from around the world hang out, network, and connect with each other in different industries. 

LinkedIn put’s in 2 members every second and that’s impressive and over 41% of the millionaire make use of LinkedIn. It’s a great opportunity for you to get on the track as well with giving a boost to your profile if you buy linkedin followers from us. 

At 10Linked, we provide you with the top quality followers that stand out and make your profile looks more professional. We are a group of very professional Linkedin Users and have been providing LinkedIn services including the followers for over 3 years now.

We have made it easier to get followers for LinkedIn users like you. Once you have all the followers on your profile, you will be greeted with lot more people following you just because they are drawn by the number of followers you have on your profile. 

Now you have an idea of how important LinkedIn followers can be and be able to promote yourself or your company. If you’re just starting out and looking for endorsements too, then check out our LinkedIn Endorsements service.

It’s the best way to grow yourself on the platform and reach out to as many people out there which helps you in marketing yourself and even get hired by the recruiter since they might like your profile. 

Networking is an essential and crucial part of LinkedIn and only with that, you can grow more on this platform. 

We have given our pricing above along with the terms and conditions of the service we are providing. It is a simple process to buy linkedin followers.

If you still have more questions, you can contact me and get detailed information about each of our services. We are glad to help you out. We totally understand your concern before going for your service therefore we put in 100% of our efforts to help you out throughout the process.