Buy LinkedIn Connections

Linkedin is a great platform to get more leads. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a job or you want to get some business from linkedin.  But it can be brutal sometimes to compete with other people. You need a kickstart connections to get some momentum and i am here to help you do that.

Here are my packages, if you have any questions, please read FAQ or contact me, i’ll get back to you right away. 

100 Connections

48 Hours Delivery
$ 10
  • US connections
  • No Bot, No Fake
  • No Account Access Required

300 Connections

48 Hours Delivery
$ 20
  • US Connections
  • No Bots No Fake
  • No Account Access Required

500 Connections

48 Hours Delivery
$ 30
  • US connections
  • No Bots No fake
  • No Account Access Required

Frequently Asked

We have a wide network of LION’s ( Linkedin Open Networkers) We distribute and share your profile in these networks and you’ll get connection requests right away.  

We don’t not need your user id and password. Everything we do is external so there is no harm to your linkedin account.

90% of connections are going to be from US but you might get some requests from other countries as well, this helps you to get your profile look more natural and real.

Industry specific connections are not possible. There are thousands of skills and industry and it is impossible for us to seek out specific connections. You’ll get request from general profiles.

You might be wondering how these connections can help you get more exposure on linkedin. 

The connections i provide gives you a quick boost to kickstarter your account and get more connections. 

Watch this video to understand more about linkedin connections. 

Would you like to find more companies to market your products to? Are you not finding enough job prospects because you don’t have enough connections or recommendations? Are you kept out of the Best Groups because you don’t have enough recommendations?

Are you a recruiter having trouble talking to prospective candidates because you just don’t have enough connections to get the referrals you need?

Still confused what exactly linkedin connections are and how it can help you gain more exposure on this platform ? keep reading!

First off, just in case you didn’t know, LinkedIn is one of the best places to connect with potential Vendors, Customers, Employers, and Job Candidates.

 Everyone knows that Networking with your peers will do more to open up Great Opportunities than any amount of advertising. So marketing on LinkedIn is a great way to get new customers.

LinkedIn has over 300 Million registered users, 100 Million of which are in the USA. An additional 120 new people register every minute of every day. 

So not only is it a huge networking resource, LinkedIn is always growing by leaps and bounds! And 40% of all LinkedIn users check their account at least once per day!

But if you are just getting started in business, or if you’re still pretty new to LinkedIn, the biggest challenge you will face is a lack of Connections. When you want to network with certain types of people on LinkedIn, you need to be introduced through your Connections. 

One of the great ways you can get started is to buy LinkedIn Connections. When you have a LinkedIn connection, you are very close to being connected with each of their connections. 

Then, when other people join and want to get to know people, they will search for people that already have a lot of connections, and try to connect with them.

When recruiters are looking for job candidates, they look for candidates that have a lot of Recommendations. For networking, the Best and Most Active Groups only allow Highly Recommended people to join them. So, the more recommendations you have, the better!

Research shows that almost everyone on LinkedIn is separated by only 5 levels of connection.

But when you’re new, you are sitting there with no connections, asking people to connect with you. You look like a spammer trying to get attention, and it’s even harder to connect.

But when you send a request, and they notice that you have Thousands of Connections and Lots of Recommendations, people are Happy to Connect with you!  

So you can see how important it is to have LinkedIn Connections and Recommendations to be successful at marketing on LinkedIn, whether you are marketing yourself, or marketing your products.  Because Networking is the name of the game on LinkedIn!

That’s why we help you by providing LinkedIn Connections, and LinkedIn Recommendations.  I’ll talk about Connections first, and Recommendations later in this letter.

LinkedIn connections are like gold. You have to have them.  But just like Networking in the Real World, Networking on LinkedIn can be difficult to start, because you don’t know anyone at the beginning.   But now, you can start when you buy LinkedIn Connections from us!

We are a group of Professional LinkedIn users

We have been providing LinkedIn Connections and Recommendations forover 3 years.  We have had more than 1,000 customers and Not One Single Complaint!

We have made it Extremely Easy for you to get LinkedIn Connections working with us.

  You could have 1,000 new connections for less money than you spend on Starbucks for a week!

Once you have your new LinkedIn Connections, you’ll notice that new people keep asking to be connected.  They are the people drawn by your number of Connections!

I have specified my pricing and terms and conditions for this service above, if you have any questions please let me know. I’d be glad to help you.